"I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.”
― William Shakespeare

Her sigh was tender and enchanting, like the wind outside a wood in the evening.

—Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway. (via ablogwithaview)

(via ablogwithaview)

Victor Hugo


Victor Hugo goes up to the counter and describes the drink he wants in detail for an hour, laying out the minutiae of the process, presentation, and backstory of his extremely simple dark roast with sugar. By the time he’s finished, the store is closed, the barista has left, and Victor returns home empty-handed.



Hemingway goes up to the counter and orders one espresso. It’s hot. He drinks it in silence. It makes him remember his father’s cabin. He thinks about the woman he loved once. He does not smile. The coffee reminds him of war - short but painful, swallowed down quickly. One could order worse drinks. He leaves Starbucks and walks out into the rain.